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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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drizzle, freeing drizzle and a few snowflakes tracking through the kwwl viewing area this morningg roads are becoming partially covered in parts of the viewing area, especialy our northern counties, but any
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surfaces may be slick this morning, including parking lots, some fog for the next couple of morning with southeast winds tonight. i'll have more on that our top story today: republicans are holding what they call an enrollment remony to get rid of obamacare. after many tries, a bill is headed to the president's desk today to repeal the health care law. but as tracie potts tells us the fight -- for now -- will end today after finally sending the president an ultimatum - a bill to repeal obamacare. "this marks a big step in the fight for patient- centered health care for all americans." democrats call it political theater and a waste of time. "everybod know this will take about a nanosecond for the president of the united states to veto." "exercising your constitutional right and power to legislate is never wasted if you're fighting for principles your nstituents believe in." the bill would also strip
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planned parenthood - after conservatives argued taxpayers shouldn't fund a group that performs abortions. "people have waited for years for this moment to destroy a bill - to put 22 there don't appear to be enough votes in either the house or senate to override the president's veto. "ultimately, this is going to require a reublican president." "we can do muchhetter. we will do mumuh better." republicans are promising to outline a replacement health plan by the end of the year. but it's unlikely that alternative would get a vote before president obama leaves office, tracie potts, nbc news washington. the house and senate. decision 2016 coverage and decision day in iowa is 25 days away. today, a former president is in eastern iowa to campaign for his wife. former president bill clinton n will make his first viviit to
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he last campaigned for hillary clinton. her campaign office is busy making a lot of phone calls ahead of his visit. ththy're also makinn sure they'r'r ready for the final push before the iowa caucuses. "it's huge. we have volunteers coming in every caucus goers. we argetting ready for some really, really, really big weekends, and we're about to have in dubuque, and across iowa, the biggesttdays on the ccapaign we've ever had." president clinton will speak at the hotel julien in downtown dubuque around five. before that, he's in cedar rapids for an eve this afternoon. donald trump p s in a tight raae in iowa and he's coming back to eastern iowa next week. the republican -- who trails senator ted cruz in the polls in iowa -- has a rally set in the west gym at uni on tueeay night. vice president joe biden says he regrets not running for president. "sure, i regret it every day but it
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there's no word on whether the vice president plans to campaign for a certain democrat before there's a clear nominee. the vice president and president are now answerrg questions about north korea. the u-s, south korea and japan agreed to a strong international resonse to that country's apparent fourth nuclear test. yesterday, north korea says it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb undergound. the test felt like an earthquake -- but some experts doubt it was actually a hydrogen bomb. ononhe campaign trail in iowa -- ben carson says the president isn't taking security threats like north korea seriously.. accusing them of "running out the clock." i don't know if it was real or assume that it's not real. and what we need to do is understand that you know kim jung un is,
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doctor carson has several town hall events in iowa on monday. senator ted cr is linking the apparent north korean test to the iran nuclear deal. he also blamed former president bill clinton. the clinton administration led the world in relaxing sanctions develop nuclear weapons. now we're facing a megalomaniac maniac who may potentially have a hydrogen bomb. senator cruz is about halfway through his six-day, 28 stop bus tour of iowa. the republican will be in eastern iowa tomorrow and saturday. thehef-b-i says there's an 18-minute gap that has agents stumped as they investigate tast month's mass shooting in california. a f fiend of the shooter was in court yesterday. authorities say he did not take part in the attack -- but has been
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buying two of the weapons used that day. he could spend up to 50 years in prison if he's convicted. the f-b-i says investigators have accounted for almost four hours of time spent by the shooters on that day, but they can't figure out what they were doing for 18 minututs of that time. "we wanna talk directly to the missing --- and i'm gonna go through a timeline very quickly for you and then i'm gonna ask the public to hopefully help us out with thik investigation and to --- if you have information --- to come to us with it." 14 people were killed and 22 others wounded in the attack. the fbi is looking for a serial jewel thief. this woman caught on surveillance videde is accused of crimes in five states in the southeast. investigators don't know her name - but say she's in her late 20s or rly 30s... at one point she even zip-tied
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a high school basketball coach has been benched -- and it's pretty easy to see why. if you haven't seen this video yet -- take a look. the coach headbutts a ref. this video is out of pennsylvania. the coach was upset about a call on the floor. he's now on administrative leave. the referee wasn't hurt. inense video to show you this morning after ffefighters uld not get o people trapped inside a burning apartment. the family had to jump from the fourth floor. this is video from canada. firefiiters and a neieihbor are on the ground ready to help as a boy and his parents jump. all three landed in the snow and were taken to the hospital. the boy was released -- but his parents are still being treated. there are reports the ladder on the fire department's truck broke down. man's best friend has a different meaning for a little girl and her pet.
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ashley brown says she's never seen an animal love kylie. quack! ashley brown: it was kind of on get some eggs from it' i don't know! i was not expecting this at all. qqack quack duck snowflake the duck follows kylie everywhere. her mom says it started... day one. see he just keeps going! ashley brown: we brought him home, this little yellow furball is squawking iia box, and kylyle inseparable ever since. ashley brown: everywhere she went he was quiet. and if she went missing, he would squawk and panic. over the past six months -- kylie and snowflake have played at the beach. they swing on the swingset. on halloween -- he rounded out their "frozen" costumes. snowflake dressed as "olaf" the snowman. ashley brow: they are best friends, but inhis eyes, she's mama. she's mama duck. brown says kylie cares for snowflake like a child. he waits for her at
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school. and she makes sure he gets in his nap in the afternoon. ashhy brown: i've seen her grow up. she's become very responsible. she takes very good care of him. brown doesn't know what bonded her daughter and duck that first day. but hatever it ii, it's ttught them love comes in all shapes, sizes - and species. ashley brown: he's family. he's definitely family. we still have a lot to get to this morning: including a jackpot that could set a record. we have the late on powerball afterro one had thhwinning ticket last night. plus two dogs and one amazing friendship. find out what one of them does
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the other become trapped. a light wintry mix will continue to track through this morning with temperatures hovering around freezing. we keep a chance of rain and snow in the
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weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: fog and rain will be likely todayynd tonight with some snow and freezing drizzle mixing in at times. much colder weather will start to track in friday night and continue through saturday. temperatures are hovring around the freezing mark and we have areas of freezing drizzle tracking through...we also have areas of fog showing up.
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weather nettrk cameras will have some wet and shiny roads this morning. we have stalled in the lowo mid 30s over most of the state this morning and keep southeast winds at 5 to 10 mph. freezing drizzle and some light rain and snow are possible this morning with more rain heading our way... it is around kansas city right now. the low is down that way, too, and will slowly track this way bringing mainly rain to our viewing area. some snow may track in tonight, but mostly it will be rain. most ounts will be half inch to three-quarters of an inch with very little snow expected. the mix this morning will become rain for the afternoon with fog and light winds keeping temps from changing much today. lows tonight will stay around freezing again, so some snow may mix in with the rain, espeeially in thee north. fog continues tonight and again tomorrow with rain likely by late friday morning
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afternoon. highs will be in the mid 3 3s to low 40s,,ut when those temps start falling friday evening, they will keep going through monday morning, when lows will be around minus five. we will have some snow friday night into saturday with a couple of inches of snow falling and strong winds blowing it around and making it feel even colder. breezy and coldest on sunday with tempp staying in the teens for much of next week. friday evening, they will keep going through monday morning, when lows will be around minus five. we will have some snow friday night inin saturday with a couple of inches of snow falling and strong winds blowing it around and making it feel even colder. breezy and coldest on sunday with temps
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teens for much of next week. around here, seeing snow hasn't been a problem the past few weeks. has been in other parts of around here, seeing snow hasn't been a problem the past few weeks. it has been in other parts of the country, so one teenager took matters into his own hands. a 15-year-old in virginia created his own snow-maker. "i've developed a snow maker from plans i found online. bought all the parts online and he says since he startee making snow -- he's become the most
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kid in his neighborhood. the time is still to come -- new rules to restrrt a red hot toy that's become too hot -- in some cases. hear what the university of iowa is saying about hoverboards. plus -- the 13th ranked cyclones are back me.. lookinn to even their conference record. we've got highlights of iowa state and also uni's game coming up. you're watching kwwl. we've got you vered in clarksvile, masonville, lone
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rst the bad news: you didn'there's the good news: no one did. that means saturday's jackpot will be the largest of any lottery game in u-s history. it could be worth 675 million dollars. the iowa lottery says players did win not the big one. the winning numbers were 2-11- 47-62-63 with a powerball of 17. again, saturday night's drawing
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the cyclones didn't exactly get the luck of the draw to start their conference season. iowa state had to play at oklahoma on saturday -- and lost that game. they try to bounce back at home againsstexas tech last night. they had to deal with some foul trouble... but got a big night from matt thomas who had 22. the cyclones win 76-69. they host baylor on saturday. the news not so good for uni -- which is struggling on the road in the missouri valley. the panthers trying to avoid back to back conference losses -- at missouri state last night. they led for much of the second half, but could not hold on. uni loses -- by just a point -- 59-58. drake comes to cedar falls on saturday night. many colleges are telling students -- leave the hoverboards at home. at least 20 universitites are banning or restricting them -- including the university of iowa -- ich prohibits hoverboards in dorm rooms or campus buildings.
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another report of a scary situation involving the scooterr a pennsylvania family watched as a christmas gift burst into flames this week. the hoverboard was plugged into the factory charger when it overheated and then exploded, leaving a melted mess in the living room. this morning, the unbreakable bond between two dogs is in display. two scottish terrier's nammd jock and annibelle have been buddies for many years. recently, they wandered away after their owner was put in the hospital. that's when a potential disaster happened. annibelle ffll 30 feet own an embankment and was injured. what did jock do? like the t.v. dog lassie... he went to get help... and not just any help, he found a police officer. "there was a femaleeog that hadadfallen down an embankment, it was in trouble it was injured and the male partner knew enough to get my attention and bring me to the injured animal." jock and annibelle are now together again anddunder the care of
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it's coming up this morning -- a new police drama on n- bbc featuring a well-known actress from the big screen. straight ahead -- we have a preview of the show which debuts tonight.
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thursday night lineup tonight in her new police drama, "shades of blue" as mark barger tells us -- blue' features lopez as part of a team that straddles the line between right and wrong. "i always wanted to be a good one whose loyalties are torn in her new drama, "shades of blue". "you gotta trust me." "we all make messed up choices sometimes, ttinking in the long run, it's going to turn out okay." lopez plays harlee santos, part of a tight knit into corruption. "one slip at the wrong time, and we all go tumblinggown." ray liotta plays santos' fierce boss, matt wozniak. "there are some things that theeve done thht i help them not get caught at doing. and i'm
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"fbi, darling. nice try." but when a sxing nails santos.....she's forced to go undercover my team!" "she could be falling apart at any moment. "i need to kill it." "you just don't know when it's going to happen. because she's under such tremendous pressure." there's a lot on lopez as well. she's also "blue"'s executive producer. "i'm thinking about costumes, i'm thinking about story, i'm thinking about casting." but it's a workload lopez embraces. "it's a lot of pressure, but at the same time, it's exciting to see showing the shades "he shot twice? yes! bam!" of right and wrong. mark barger, nbc news. "shades of blue" debuts at 9 o'clock right here on kwwl. we're getting a look at storm
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forecast. light wintry mix this morning with light rain this afternoon through friday. light snow friday night and saturday with a couple of inches of snow possible. mild temperatures today and tomorrow will become cold. temps start to fall friday night and keep falling through monday morning. it will stay cold through much of next week. it's and coming up on today in iowa. investigators are looking into what happened after a piece of a plane falls into a woman's yard. ally crutcher joins us for our
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now on today in iowa... if you've seen the forecast you know what's head. some very cold air. one shelter is hoping to expand to help those in need this time of year plus... firefighters have to act quickly as a woman is stuck inside a flooded truck. and one city finds a creative way to honor a baseball great. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist
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now with your storm track seven
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